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Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year resolutions

I am not doing very well with these.

Although it is only 8 Jan, and I only have 2, I have yet to start them both.

One is to lose weight. However as I have had a mild fluish thing and now have a real cold, I don't see any point in starting the diet till I feel better because I know I will lapse.

I am closer to resolution 2 which is to get a bit fitter. We are not talking substantial marathon things here, but a bit fitter. I have bought the Wii fit plus, and this afternoon have attached the Wii to the tv in the sitting room, so come Monday (when hopefully I can do energetic things and not cough) I will start using it daily.

Actually today I did walk the dog, so that is something.

When it is light at night I will also do my walk up and down the cliff at the beach which is only about 20 mins, but is aerobic.

Over New Year we started talking about Hadrians Wall which Boo and Trev want to walk from end to end. B & I thought it sounded like a good idea, and so we are looking to do that in 2012. I am not fit enough to do it in 2011. Although I can happily do a 5 mile walk, doing 10 8 mile walks one after the other needs a bit more fitness than I have at the moment (desk jobs!!!!)


I am really excited by the thought of it. Also we will be doing it just before my 59th birthday so it would be a good thing to do before hitting 60 as well.

We looked at other long walks as well. Some are very long (100s of miles) but some are more achievable, and could be fitted in after Hadrian. I think B & I will start with bite sized chunks of the Pembrokeshire path this summer - bits we haven't done before. The long term goal will be to do it all, but do it in bite size chunks. (It is one of the long ones.

B said I sounded aggressive when I just told him this, but I informed him I was being decisive!


oreneta said...

Decisive sounds good, Hadrian's walk sounds excellent, we may have to tackle that one some day too!

Boo and Trev said...

Climbing up and down your cliff should make you hill fit. I will have to find a tall building to be building up the calf muscles in this part of the world