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Friday, January 14, 2011

Filming and flooding

B's son Richard has been making a film this week. He has been working as a film script editor now for a few years, and decided to make a short film from a script which he has written, and it was being filmed this week.

B was helping - driving actors around, sorting out vans and things, and also taking some pictures of the filming. It is all very professional - the film camera alone is worth £50,000, and the lighting engineer had a whole van full of equipment. The script needed a train and an airport for locations, and as it happened both are available round here, so the actors and crew came down from London and elsewhere to wet and rainy Wales for the filming.

Even at a few removes it was quite exciting.

There are flood alerts around, and the river near our office was way up the measuring stick. We don't have a serious flood alert on the property at the moment, but we have taken some precautions this weekend. The two mobile library vans have been parked off site, and we have made sure that electric cables etc are off the floor. Things at ground level that we can move to a safer place we have, but there is too much book stock to move, so it is is in the lap of the weather gods if they survive or not.

It is about 2 years since we last got flooded and had to decamp for months. We are feeling a tad jittery about it all.


oreneta said...

Will we ever get a chance to see the movie?

Helen said...

If someone takes it up .. it seems just as bad as music getting things seen and heard.