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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wales Rugby team - really what are they doing?

I am not a sports fan. I like watching gymnastics and things with horses. However living in Wales does mean you end up taking an interest in rugby - at least the 6 Nations. Apart from anything else when you live near Cardiff you need to know when it is going to be heaving with fans. But it is something that everyone takes a bit of interest in, even me. I don't watch the games, but I sort of keep up with who is winning, that sort of thing.

We are doing a sweep on the matches at work (£1 per game) this year so I have to guess who will win and what the score will be.

Last week against England Wales lost lamentably, and even I could see they were playing badly. I have bet on Scotland to win today, even though they haven't won in Cardiff for years, and have just turned the tv on to see that after 35 minutes the score is 18-6 to Scotland. Oh dear. I might win the sweep though

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