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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Brain death is imminent

The pace is hotting up with the work for the new management system, and I am facing imminent brain death because my brain is getting so full I now need to write everything down. Oh dear.

On the bright side I have some clothes I ordered from Oxfam's second hand shop which arrived today, so I will go and try them on later. It is so nice getting stuff which is so cheap, and some of which is in excellent condition. It makes shopping almost a virtue.

Dick Francis died this week. he was 89 so it wasn't unexpected but I did feel a real pang of regret because he has given me huge amounts of enjoyment over the years. He didn't write great books, and he wasn't a great writer in terms of style, but he wrote cracking stories which you read with thrills and excitement. They are real page turners. He also wrote about the world he knew - horse racing - so when you read the stories you discover a lot about horse racing and the things and people around racing as well. In his later books he spread his subjects further out to glass blowing, shooting and other things. The last few books were written with his son, and you can tell that the son was writing them because they just aren't as good. They lack the pace and the ability to grip which Dick Francis's books have. Sad that there won't be any more.

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oreneta said...

Good luck with the brain...hope everything holds together! I was sad when I hear that Dick Francis died too. No more books for certain. I thought your analysis of his writing very apt. Cracking good stories.