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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I did a calendar for Christmas presents for some people last year, which I really enjoyed. The new slideshow has got some of the pictures which did get into the calendar, and some of the ones that didn't.

I am watching an item in the news about Donald McCullum who is reknowned as a war photographer, but now takes scenic photos because he said he was getting too addicted to war and what he did made no difference.

He is one of those photographers whose pictures do burn into your brain. Not just because of the subject.

I like taking photos. I really enjoy having a nice camera and being able to take lots of different pictures which I wasn't able to with a more basic camera. I tried to sign up for a photography class this year, but the class was cancelled. Annoying, so I suppose I will just have to continue to muddle through without it.

Fun though.

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oreneta said...

You seem to be muddling through to considerable effect, or is that affect. Jeez, and I teach English! Looked it up, seems it's effect. Whew.