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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gas and electric maze

I have been trying to fathom the best supplier, with the best (ie cheapest) rates to provide my gas and electricity.

It is a minefield.

There are dozens of different schemes by dozens of different suppliers, and although I don't think I am dimmer than average, I find myself baffled. I looked at my current bills, but you get x amount of gas at rate 1 then the rest as rate 2. The same with the electricity. I pay monthly, but I was underpaying last year, so now I am overpaying to make up therefore my bills mean nothing to gauge an average from, and the rates need a computer of their own to calculate the real differences between suppliers.

I have looked at 4 comparison sites. E.on (who are my current supplier) came out top on 2 of them, various other on the other.


I think I shall phone Eon and tell them British gas have told me they are cheaper and see what they offer me to stay with them. You need to have a degree in maths to work your way through all of this.

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oreneta said...

Yeah, I think a degree in negotiation would be more useful. Then again, I think that after raising three kids you probably HAVE a degree in negotiation. Eon should worry.