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Saturday, February 20, 2010

MOT..and opera

Ooops. I have found out that the mot on my car has expired this week. I have tried to get in somewhere today, but failed, so have to get it done tomorrow. Not my ideal way to spend Sunday, but I suppose I should have noticed earlier.

However I am going out tonight. I am meeting a friend to go and see Mozart's 'Escape from the Seraglio', about which I know nothing. However she had an extra ticket and asked if I would like to go, to which I said yes please, so am going off to Cardiff to see it tonight. However as I should not be driving my car at all I have swapped with Brian and am driving his instead. I have a diddy little Honda Jazz, and he has a great big Passat estate, which you cannot get into my drive in one turn when the antisocial neighbours have their trailer parked across from my house. I think he is a bit worried I will damage it, but he has nobly refrained from giving me any advice or such like. Quite heroic really.

The people across the road run a driving school, plus they have grown up sons, so they have lots of cars around, and they are terribly antisocial parkers. The trailer they use for the trailer test training lives on the corner of the road opposite our house and takes up an unfair amount of space really. I know we have a lot of cars as well, but I don't run a driving school and you would expect them to be better at parking and having due consideration for others. Not so.

Yesterday Nic had someone slide into the back of her banger of an Escort because he was following too closely through the lanes, on icy roads, so when she had to brake for an oncoming car, he slid into the back of her and has dented the door and the wingmirror. However as the car is probably going to be scrapped after it fails its mot in May, there is no point in claiming. She did however phone up the company to complain about his driving right up her backside along single track lanes in icy conditions. Stupid. He tried to say she was driving fast, but as she was in second gear and the people coming towards her said she wasn't that didn't hold water.
She is just glad it wasn't a decent car that got dented.


oreneta said...

Good lord owning a car can be such a hassle, no?

Boo and Trev said...

People's parking can be very annoying. At work they have started taking photos of badly parked cars and posting them on our Chat email.