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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bad Amazon

I am seriously ticked off with Amazon.

I ordered books for my bookclub 10 days ago. Up till last year they would have been on my doorstep from Amazon within days. Not now!

I should have remembered from Christmas because I ordered Ad's new car radio from Amazon and had problems with the delivery then, but I forgot.

They are using Home Network Delivery now and they are useless. Lat Thursday or Friday I got home to find the 'tried to deliver but you were out' card.

Phoned up.

At 10p per minute (!) I sat through the automated replies till I got to a person and then spent a ridiculously long time arranging for the delivery to come today and be put into the garage, which I would leave open. Collecting them is out of the question because the depot is an hour's drive away. Having them sent to work is out of the question because they want you available 7-7 and anyway they won't deliver to my office because it is a different depot, so getting them redelivered is the only possibility.

Bookclub is tonight.

I get home tonight but not to a parcel of book, I get another 'tried to deliver but you were out' card.

Incensed I phone them again (10p per minute) and got someone who told me that they hadn't had a confirmation of the rearrangement! They will try again tomorrow.

I had emailed Amazon after the first time and told them the system was crap, and got a woolly sorry but.... email in reply.

I have sent them another email saying how p*ssed I am and that I won't be buying from them again.

They used to be really good, and they are now rubbish. It is slow (if they ever get here) and they are costing me money in phone calls, wasting my time, and getting my blood pressure raised.


Boo and Trev said...

That's really annoying. They just stopped using the Royal Mail, I think and I haven't ordered anything that won't fit through a letter box yet. I know a lot of people get stuff delivered to work because they'll keep it in Stores. Might have to think about that in future.

oreneta said...

They've sent my most recent delivery to a neighbouring town, I know not why and I have to spend two hours tomorrow cadging a lift and then walking back with the books. So delighted. Do that again and they'll have lost me, and let me tell you, I am a pretty desperate customer.....

What's up with them?