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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

ooh the internet is working.....

I tried to blog the other day but the internet was so slow I gave up.

I am at Brian's and the exchange here should have a broadband speed of 1.5 mb which isn't fast but ok for text and things.  However it has been 97kbps, 99, 128 etc.  Brian is in fairly regular communication with BT who phone up - always Irish we have noticed - tell us they are looking at it, and nothing changes.

If we got speeds of 1.5mg then you can do most things that don't need lots  of pictures but it is a bit random. 

BT Infinity - the time it takes to use the broadband.

More to the point he is paying for broadband and half the time is getting something slower than dialup.

However the sun shone today and we went out for a walk.

We have worked out the gaps in our walking of the Pembrokshire Coast path between Newgale and Strumble Head, and are aiming to fill them in this summer.  We have ticked 2 stretches off so far, and today was about 5 miles according to my pedometer. 

I have a back problem and have been doing my exercises and using by back support corset thing, but the problem has been my right knee instead!  It has decided to complain and on the first walk got really sore - however it was ok today so maybe I just need to be firm with it.

I won't attempt to attach photos till I get to broader broadband (ie home).  Life is too short to try it here.

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oreneta said...

broadband hassles are super frustrating!!!!


Glad the route filling in is going well....and tell the knee what it's roll is and what isn't. Should listen, no?