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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Goat trails

I think the Pembrokeshire National Park needs to classify its paths with goat symbols.

No goats would mean something you can take a baby buggy along - flatish, no serious inclines etc

2 goats would mean that it was more hilly, with some bumpy and rocky bits

And so on up to the path we did today which was 5 goats.  It started at 1 goat, but by the end, as we got to Strumble Head we were clambering over rocky outcrops, it was definitely 5 goats.  It was enlivened by me asking how fell runners managed to run over this sort of terrain without breaking anything and Brian demonstrating.  He was, admittedly, wearing boots, but his demonstration of a fell runner running lightly (which involved tripping and nearly falling over) was very entertaining.

We found a great place for our picnic lunch which was a little hut built up to about waist height, on the cliff edge.

Why is it there?

Dry stone walling practice?

Wind shelter for the sheep?

It was a great wind shelter for us eating our lunch anyway.

The knee has been behaving and the back managed with a couple of rests today, over about 5-6 miles so I am pleased.  As it is forecast to be rain, rain and more rain over the weekend I can't see us getting much walking done.


oreneta said...

Helen, this post is a classic, and I think you should copy it over to the Pembs parks....I think I will forever more grade trails by goats. And then there is the mental image of Brian the fells runner in boots!

Boo and Trev said...

When I first glanced at that headline I thought it said Goat Trials and thought it was going to be some bizarre medieval court taking part in Pembs!
We did a 4 goat walk on Monday. Achey legs all day. This East Anglian girl isn't used to steep hills!