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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lovely weekend

What a good weekend!

Friday evening was so warm that I got a barbq and we had a barby, out in the garden till late in the evening and it was fab.  

I got my hair cut and coloured on Saturday  morning which is a great relief as it had got to haystack (with grey) proportions.  I now will look more respectable in the holiday photos.

I got lots of boring things done - housework stuff, because the lovely weather vanished in the afternoon and I had to run out and save the washing and the saddle Nic had oiled and left on the fence.  B was writing a piece using the words of the last sermon which St David wrote, so he was attached to the piano for a lot of the weekend.

Today Louise came over. She is staying with her daughter who lives nearby and has just had a baby. I went in to meet baby Amelia Kate who is lovely with lots of hair, a very dainty pretty baby, then Louise came back to my house for lunch and a lovely long talk.