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Monday, December 20, 2010

Yet more snow

It has snowed again!

I set off for work this morning and made it to Barry, driving at a very sedate 25 miles an hour and made it there but the road was really bad and the snow was falling again, the traffic was stationary so I turned round and drove back very slowly. Then went to work in Llantwit library for the day. It was very quiet in there, but I had taken some work home which meant that there were some things I could do while I was there, which was fortunate.

Whether or not I will be there tomorrow is up to the gods of snow - whoever they are. Someone Scandanavian I expect.


Boo and Trev said...

All very annoying at this time of year when you are wondering if everyone will get where they want to be! Can't believe Heathrow can't get it's act together. I can understand most local authorities not investing ins suitable equipment but an international airport!!

Helen said...

Why did Heathrow turn down the offer of the army to help? How stupid is that?