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Friday, December 17, 2010


Nic and I went to see 'The Voyage of the Dawn treader' in 3D. I have a corrected squint so have never been able to see things in 3D before. All those puzzle books, and the red/green cardboard glasses things etc were useless for me, just a mess or a blur, so I thought the new version of 3D would be the same.

But no! It works. I bought the glasses for £1 which was cheap because you can keep them and use them again, and was thrilled to bits by the effects. One of the trailers had a bird which flew out of the screen at you, it was really effective. The film titles seem to be floating in mid air with an astonishing amount of depth.

I enjoyed the film too. The changed the plot a bit, but as the book is very linear without much ongoing plot what they did generally added to it, and gave it a greater narrative strength than the original novel had. They used the original Pauline Baynes illustrations during the closing credits which was a nice touch, but also showed how closely they had stuck to many of the concepts in the original - the Dawn Treader herself was great and just like I imagined her. The boy who played Eustace was brilliant - very much a stuck up pain at the beginning, just as he should be, but improved as the film progressed. We both thoroughly enjoyed it.

I will also make a point of seeing future films in 3D if it is available. We only went to this one because the time suited us, and didn't realise it was in 3D till we got there - serendipity strikes.


Boo and Trev said...

Well, it didn't work for me. I am clearly more monocular than you. Down with 3d!

oreneta said...

Interesting that you two had a different response to the level of monocularity...is that a word? I used to shove 3D glasses on the kids at every opportunity to make sure they could see properly. Seems they can.