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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Clean up time and more snow

We have - in common with most of the UK - got lots of snow. We have about 6 inches, but thankfully we don't have plans to go anywhere much today, so we aren't too concerned. As my plans for today were to clean the house prior to Christmas bad weather has had no impression at all on my plans for the day.

I have done downstairs today, and will attack upstairs tomorrow.

I have the feeling that my life is lacking a certain amount of excitement just at the moment. I seem to go to work, come home and watch tv, go to work. My new year resolution will be to do something a bit more interesting I think.

Unfortunately the snow has made them cancel our carol concert which was to have taken place tomorrow. But as the church is down a narrow little lane with dreadful parking in good weather, they have decided that it is safer to call it off. That is disappointing as we have worked quite hard at the pieces we were singing in addition to the carols. Here is the church. Ewenny Priory is an early medieval priory, though the parish church we sing in (in the picture) is later. The monastic church is the other side of that glass screen and has the most fantastic acoustic for acapella singing. Anyone would sound fabulous in there. Sadly we won't this year. We have been singing in the ceremony of lessons and carols there for about 15 years now, so it is a shame to have broken the run.

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oreneta said...

They can't reschedule it? That is a shame.