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Monday, December 6, 2010

Holiday planning

We had long discussions (ie B and I) about holidays for 2011. I had 20 days to plan, and B of course has no fixed dates to plan round these days. It is odd because up till now we have had our holidays very firmly planned by B's job. We had June and July, December, and - if there was a tour with the choir - a week to ten days in March. The rest of the year was not holiday time because of academic timetables.

It is odd to have the whole year to chose from, and is a bit disconcerting.

May was out because one of my colleagues has most of May off already.

We were only looking up to the end of July, because our leave years run from birthday to birthday, and my birthday is in July. If I want to book holidays after the end of July it comes out of next year's holidays.

Money of course is a bit of a limitation, and the long list of possible holidays were somewhat restricted (unless we win the lottery significantly in the near future).

After much discussion we narrowed it down and have gone for a city break in Cordoba in March. We were looking at April, but the flights in March are a lot cheaper, and actually go from our local airport which is really, really unusual. We have found a little flat for the 4 nights which has also come in at a reasonable price, and is very convenient for all the sites we are hoping to see. Originally we thought we would try to see Seville as well, but I think there is going to be enough to see in Cordoba to keep us busy for 3 days. The temperature should be very pleasant, neither cold nor hot, and though we may get rain it should be (I hope) not too wet.

The two weeks we will go to Pembrokeshire in June, and hope to go to the John Clare annual meeting in Helpston at the beginning of July for the rest of the time. We hope to visit family and friends at the same time .

It is lovely now that the weather is so horrible - we have had a permanent freezing fog all day today - to have things to look forward to.

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