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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Election day

Today is election day (in case anyone in the UK hadn't noticed) and it is really the most interesting election even for someone like me who is not very political. The result is so open, so unknown that it has been a fairly constant discussion topic at work.

Two members of our staff are poll clerks so we have had fewer people at work today as well. Andy will be staying up all night at the count so she wont be in tomorrow either. We also had new ballot boxes in the polling station - very snazzy compared to the old tin ones we used to have.

I am watching the news at the moment and they are so agog - they are dying to get on with the election broadcasting which of course they can't do until the polls close at 10pm. Bless.

This time tomorrow we may know who the new PM is, but we may have to wait till Monday if it is close and they end up haggling.

Interesting times indeed.

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