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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Busy week

The past week has been fairly busy.

There was work - takes up the days and doesn't leave a lot of time over.

Tuesday night was B's leaver's dinner. AC have a dinner for the second year students and staff who are leaving which was in the dining hall. The food however was pretty dull, but the speeches were mostly duller. The best two was one of B's students who gave a good 'for he's a jolly good teacher and all round person' speech about B which was very nice. The other member of staff who has been there for decades gave much the best speech of the evening, but even so we were pleased to escape at the end.

Wednesday we moved furniture and things from B's house into my garage to store for a bit.

Thursday I was singing in a concert in Ewenny Priory with St Donat's Chamber Choir. We have been tackling Bruckner's motets this year which are a challenge for a small, amateur choir. We did the concert two weeks previously in a church in Monmouth and it had gone very well. However second concerts are notoriously difficult so we were a bit worried about it. Though it went well. A few mistakes, but nothing serious. We had trombones and organ playing which was fun.

Friday we came to Pembs, and got stuck in bank holiday traffic for over an hour!!!!!!!!

This weekend we are unpacking B's stuff as he has now completely left the College house and is resident in Pembs. It is going to be odd with him there and me at home.

However today the sun has shone, we have been to walk round lovely gardens and I am drinking vintage cava so life is generally pretty rosy

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oreneta said...

He must be utterly delighted. Though it will be odd with him so much further away. Glad the concert went well.