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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bits and pieces

Doctor Who was fun with lots of bits of the castle in there - the dining room and some other places. The trailer showed my home town in next week's episode so that will be fun too!

It is so cold! It is May and the weather is still frosty. The heating is on. I would like some sunshine please.

Having tidied the garage on Saturday we had a concerted effort at doing something about Nic's pigsty (aka bedroom) and had a trip to Ikea to get a new chest of drawers. Hopefully that will help.

The political drama is continuing to unfold - the happiest people in the world must be all the political commentators, as it is like all their Christmas and birthdays at once.

I hope the LibDems do have a coalition with the Conservatives because they would hopefully curtail the worst of the public service cuts which the Tories would otherwise inflict on us, and perhaps with Vince Cable having a real say in what happens to the economy, which is the thing that I really would like, we might claw our way out of the financial trough better that way.

I had a bookclub meeting last night which was, as always, very pleasant. Nice food, drink and conversation.

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