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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dagger lunch

Today was the judging lunch for the Dagger in the Library award.

It started badly.

I had my train ticket booked from her all the way to London I went to the station to get my train, and there were very few people there which I thought was odd, until I saw the sign saying the train was cancelled.


Hasty walk back home and get into the car. Hurtle into Cardiff and luckily there was very little traffic so I actually made it in good time and did get my train. Everything else went very smoothly.

We had a really good lunch ( goat cheese salad, then fish dish with scallops and prawns, then chocolate) and really good discussions on the longlisted authors. Last year, which was my first year, there was a really strong front runner - we all really loved Colin Cotterill and the vote for winner was really easy. This year was less obvious and there was a lot of discussion before we agreed on the shortlist and the winner.

The announcement will be made later in the year.

It is really pleasant to sit with like minded people, eating good food and discuss books and authors. I love it.


oreneta said...

Sounds utterly Marvelous!!!!

What a treat.

Sorry about the train though. At least you made it in the end.

Boo and Trev said...

A trip to London and you didn't bump into Linda? Surely some mistake!

Helen said...

I think she's gone to Canada, but I was literally round the corner from their flat as the restaurant is in Charlotte st.