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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sunny afternoon

I didn't get any indexing done last night because someone came to look at the piano we are selling, and then B and I went for a brisk walk (me) and run (him).

Today I decided to finish work at lunchtime because it was warm and sunny and I was feeling cheesed off with work and have lots of flex time in hand. It was great. I went for a potter round M&S though I didn't buy anything, then I went down to Llantwit beach. I sat on the cliff in the sun and watched the tide coming in.

The seagulls were having a bath in one of the pools created by the outgoing tide, kids were digging in the sand, people were walking dogs, other people were like me and just sitting watching, enjoying the sun.

It is very spring like. I saw a male (Ithink) stonechat mating (or trying to) with a lady bird who flew away rather quickly so I don't think he won her over, he flew off after her, but came back and sat on a branch nearby so I suspect he was rejected.

Lots of birds were singing away, swallows were swooping and chattering, the bees were working hard at the nectar gathering. It was glorious.

Then I came home and sat in the garden and read my book while having a cup of tea.

It sure beats working!


oreneta said...

How utterly lovely!!!!

I gather the Kate didn't want the piano in the end. Ah well.

Helen said...

Kate wanted the piano, but the lack of elastic walls in the house proved an insurmountable problem