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Friday, April 9, 2010

Dagger reading

The reading list for the Dagger in the Library award just shot up into nearly 50 people! Even allowing for the 6 ineligible ones, that is a lot of reading.

There are a lot of authors new to me this year, though none of the ones I have read so far had filled me with campaigning fervour like Colin Cotterill did last year. There are lots of capable writers, who are writing variations of crime genre fiction in ways which are competent, but few of them have an original voice. Considering how many people want to write and get their work published it is surprising in a way that there isn't more excitement in the list (so far, I'm only half way through). Bear in mind also that all these books have been nominated by library users and reading groups, so some people really love all the writers on the list. It is scary because some of the writers last year were dreadful!!

I am going to have to start skip reading more this weekend to get a feel for the ones worth more time and attention.

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