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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Politics and elections

I am not looking forward to the next month as we will be battered by politicians telling us why we should vote for them.

I am absolutely convinced that everyone should vote. People worked hard to get the vote for us and we have a responsibility to use that vote.

Sadly we have to vote for politicians. The mental age of most politicians seems to default to about 7 year old and they bicker and squabble like little kids, and unfortunately I don't have the ability to take their toys away and send them to their rooms until they are ready to behave in a civilised manner and be polite to each other.

I think most politicians are egotistical and immature. They become politicians because they like to feel they are important, and they like other people to see them as important. This is not universal, there are some who go into politics because they want to make a difference to the world and to make things better for other people. Sadly most of the people who feel that way go and work for charities or so something similar rather than going into politics. I can't blame people who feel they want to do something good for mankind for not going into politics, because if they did become politicians they would have to work with, and associate with, politicians. Not nice.

I work for Local government and I have very little patience with local politicians, and the national ones are the same in a bigger fishpond.

So who do I vote for?

I have in the past voted Green, or Plaid Cymru (Welsh nationalist) but as I am in a marginal constituency it is important that I give it a serious amount of though because my vote could make a difference here. A few years ago the margin was 13 votes. They did 2 recounts.

Does that mean I have to listen to politicians blowing their own trumpets?

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Boo and Trev said...

Whoever you vote for the government gets in! So said one sage peice of graffiti. I think the corruption has always been around but they just happened to get caught out.
Nice to live in a marginal though where your vote actually counts!