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Thursday, April 22, 2010

New lifestyle coming

B's retirement is now looming. Although he finally retires at the end of August, he is quitting the house provided by College at the end of May, and he finishes teaching at the end of May, so we are looking at that as the real retirement. His house is in Pembrokeshire, and I am in the Vale of Glamorgan, residences 2 hours drive away from each other.

We haven't quite worked out how we are going to deal with this. During the week I am at work all day of course, so there is no point in B being here, because all his stuff and his work (ie computer, study, music composition things) are in Pembs, and my house has Ad and Nic living here so B doesn't have the peace and quite he needs to work.

So do we commute back and fore every weekend? I suppose that is what we will end up doing, which may get a bit tiresome after a while I think, as well as expensive. Sometimes B will come up here in the week if there is something we want to do , a concert or something, but mostly I suppose we will be separate during the week.

This is going to be a bit odd. I am used to him not being here till quite late in the evening because the job frequently kept him busy till 9pm, but we still saw each other most days. Are we going to be lonely? Will the telephone be enough of a contact?

Now it is almost upon us, and beginning to feel real, I do have some qualms. Not that I can do anything about it because that is just the way things are,but it will be odd.

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oreneta said...

Sometimes change can be most uncomfortable. I imagine it will work out though in the end.