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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Still got sore arms

I still have sore arms and am relying a bit on ibuprofen during working hours, and driving is a real challenge.


Hopefully it will ease off by next week.

The political parties are all producing their manifestos this week, though I haven't been listening to them in detail because you know they bear as much relationship to what will actually happen as Alice in Wonderland does. Promises, but even listening to some of them you do wonder what they think is going to actually happen. On the one hand they are promising job cuts, pay freezes and cuts in public spending, on the other they are promising things like increased paternity leave, withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, .... oh dear.

No one has yet knocked on my door, and I have only had 1 bit of publicity through the letterbox. Not inspiring.


oreneta said...

You really did do something to that arm....hope you get better soon. Politicians are the pits.

Kate said...

Wonder what you've done to your arms mum - go and see the doctor, could have something to do with your carpal tunnel syndrome?

I have downloaded all the political manifestos but not looking forward to reading them I have to say! Wish we had an Obama type to get inspired about. Ho hum.