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Monday, March 22, 2010


We turned into a gambling family last Friday. Nic knew that one of Evan's horses was in good form and might place in the Triumph hurdle at Cheltenham last week, so Kate, Nic and I all placed bets each way on him and he came second. We are not huge gamblers because I put £5, Kate £10 and Nic £15 each way but we all won which is very nice indeed. I also bet on the Gold Cup which is the big race of the event, and got the winner and second, and thought about betting on the horse that came third but didn't which is annoying, as I would have won more on him than all the other. Ho hum. Quite literally you can't win them all.

Brian and I began the process of sorting out the stuff he is moving from his College house into his cottage in Pembrokeshire at the weekend. We have done the sheets and towels. We have also moved chests of drawers around, and moved lots of paintings around too. Also a plant. It was a busy day.

We are going to Spain on Thursday. Goody goody.

My shoes leaked a lot today, which as they are the short of shoes you wear in wet weather means they are now not a lot of use. Annoying.

You can see what an exciting life I lead!

However the Crime reading is coming on now we have got the computer system running. I read Hell's Fire by Chris Simms, which was a bit disappointing as the central character was very unconvincing. I skipped through a few chapters of another this morning ( can't remember who) but she gave a huge plot point away in the beginning so I found myself skipping forward past the backfilling of the plot to find out what had happened which is bad plotting. So far I haven't anyone to make me sit up and say this is great. Which is sad.


oreneta said...

Looking forward to Thursday! Youngest is going to be the hostess with the mostest on Thursday night as Eldest has a project for school and the man and I HAVE to meet with the architects that evening....she has a plan. Hope you don't mind.

Any dietary specifics? Anything you can't live without???? I bought tea, four different kinds. Though I would have bought three of them anyway.

Boo and Trev said...

Have a lovely holiday.