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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day out in Somerset

This is not as exciting as it sounds as it was for work. There is a consortium in Somerset which runs the purchasing and cataloguing for 5 authorities in Somerset and Bristol, which is quite forward looking. It is something which is being mooted for Wales, well for the SE corner of it, so a group of us went to see how they did it. Nice change from management systems.

Yesterday the new system crashed about midday. A couple of hours later they got it back up and running, and the rest of the day the network (run by our IT dept) crashed 3 times. Even our phones fail to work when the computer network goes down. It was restful, but frustrating. We are completely dependent on the computers.

My laptop is sick.

I am very sad.

It isn't connecting to the internet properly and basically isn't working with the internet. I am writing this on Nic's so I suppose we are lucky that we have 3 laptops and a desktop in the house, but I want mine back. I much prefer my Mac to this pc. I have spent most of this evening backing things up, especially photos, onto the separate hard drive. This is just in case something happens when it goes to the computer doctor. I hope it isn't serious, and I really hope it isn't expensive.

Nic has just (8.30pm) headed off to Marks and Spencers to buy a new shirt as she is off racing tomorrow. This week is the Cheltenham race meeting which is one of the highlights of the steeplechase year, and the Gold Cup on Friday one of the main events of the year. She is working tomorrow, but has taken Friday off for the Gold Cup because last year she ended up in Fakenham in Norfolk instead of Cheltenham. Kate is also going to the Gold Cup, something that has become a fixture with her as well. I should go next year.

I have also been to M&S today. The dress I got for Mother's day was too tight, so I took it back, but they didn't have it in the size up so I had a look round at the sale (hooray) and got a dress, which fits very nicely, and 2 tops all for only £3 more than the first dress. Excellent.

By the way, has anyone seen spring? We still only have a few daffs up round here, so they are a full month later than usual.


oreneta said...

It seems a bit shortsighted to hook the systems so tightly that the phones go down when the computers crash, no????

Kate said...

Spring is still in the midst of springing here - daffs are up but not fully yet!

Good work re: the dress swap - bargainous and you got more for our money, brilliant :)

Love you Mum, looking forward to seeing you at Easter xxxxx