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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nearly but not quite live.....

Today started off well. All staff were in all branch libraries, everyone was testing that the data conversion had worked, that things were as they should.

We found 3 problems which they have fixed.

we found some oddities which are to do with the way the data has transferred from the old system to the new one, which are minor and can be gradually altered.

We found a bigger problem with borrower set up but it can be fixed in reasonable time.

Where the problem lies is that the system is running slowly, and screens are freezing so you have to log off and start again. I have been sitting in the middle getting phone calls and emails from all over the county as people found problems etc. Twice today we had to phone round all the branches and ask them to log everything off, then phone them back and tell them they could go back on - we sounded like a call centre!

Eventually the boss has agreed with Infor that the conversion is satisfactory and she will sign that off. However they have said that there is a problem with the speed and stability which they have a piece of software which they want to install, partly at least because they don't meet their own quality control standards. They gave us the choice of staying offline or going online to see what happens, so we have decided to go live and see what happens.

The testing we have done today was with the libraries shut, and it isn't a real test because all the public access pcs weren't in use, and we don't have live transactions happening.

So - we shall see what happens tomorrow....

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I think that's good, no? I hope that's good.