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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Party and Mother's day

Last night we had a little gathering. Louise moved back to Scotland last year, and is down here for a visit, so we had a gathering of about 10 of us from work to see her and catch up last night.

It was great, and we had a good natter.

Brian started off being sociable with us, but, to be fair, we were talking shop so he gave up and went to watch Lost with Nicky. It says how boring our conversation was to an outsider that Lost was an improvement as it isn't a programme that he watches so he could have no idea what was going on. Seeing that people who have watched it from the beginning have no idea what is going on either that isn't surprising. I don't watch it, but I did watch ther Reduced Shakespeare Company 15 minute version of all series so feel I have as much information as I need to have.

Today is being a lovely non productive day. It is Mother's day. Nic is off racing, Kate is painting the house and Ad was in bed but I came down to a lovely surprise of a dress, a dvd and some chocs, plus cards. All very nice indeed!! Sadly the dress is a bit tight, so I will need to change it, but maybe a size up will fit. Although I have lost a lot of weight not much has gone off the bust area so I am bigger there than round the bottom, which, as someone who has been pear shaped since puberty is odd. I have put a few pounds back on in the last month or so because I have hit the chocolate de-stress plus wine a few times (computer system).

I have tried to load 4 pictures of our walk along the beach onto Blogger but although I have made tea, drunk it, had a hot cross bun and listened to Beethoven, the pictures have still not loaded so I have given up and you aren't getting any pictures after all.

Brian and I then attacked the ivy on the back wall of the garden. A flame thrower would have helped. God it is tough stuff!!. We did a couple of feet in the corner and will come back and do some more another day.


Boo and Trev said...

I think Trev can sympathize with Brian!

Boo and Trev said...

I think Trev can sympathize with Brian!