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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Live at last!

Yesterday we went live with the new management system. We had problems, but not major ones, we have bugs, but not major ones.

Phil, the Infor project manager, and I went round 5 of the branches during the day. It was pretty intensive, and by the time I went home at 5 I was really tired, and just sat in front of the tv all night.

Today has been remarkably quiet. I have had phone calls and emails with queries and problems, but have not been inundated. So we tried to catalogue a book today, which took 3 of us to work out how to do, but we are getting there. Or at any rate we have a map and know which direction we are going in, though we can't see the destination at the moment.

All the rest of the work which has been ignored for the last month is starting to rear its head now, so I shall have to buckle down and get on with it before I head off for the long weekend to Barcelona.

I am hoping that the snow will have gone by the time we get there - I would like some sun.

My friend Louise, who moved back to Scotland last year, is down here visiting her daughter and we are having a get together with friends from work and choir on Saturday night, which I am really looking forward to. It will be great.

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oreneta said...

Snow is melting, though it's still cold...shouldn't hold, it is most unseasonal. Glad it is going reasonably well......hope it stays together.