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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Xmas Decorations stage 1

We have put up the Christmas decorations in Brian's cottage and it is all looking very festive now.

We have done more shopping (for him this time) the fire is lit, the lights are on the tree, and we are feeling really quite festive now. 

I drove down here last night with a glorious full moon, which although I couldn't watch much of it  having to do boring things like watch the road, it still surprises me how much light it actually does give.  Once, when working at St Donats, I was coming home about 2am, and I know the road really well so I turned off the headlights to see if it was possible to drive by moonlight and discovered that it was, although probably not a good idea to do in an area with any traffic.

I took my car to get 2 new tyres on Thursday morning, and waited while they were fitted.  The guy came and said could I come and look at something, so I came, and discovered that the twit of a boy who had driven my car out of the bay hadn't looked behind him.  Since it had been driven in there some other twit had put another car behind it, and Twit 1 reversed my car into the car which Twit 2 had left in its path.  I was so startled I couldn't say anything much, and the guy was so busy apologising I didn't get much chance to get a word in anyway.  Actually, they had scratched the bumper, not dented it, and the scratches sort of match the ones I have done on the other side.  The other car however, has the whole of the side of the car caved in - probably up to a thousand pound's worth of damage.  I went back at 4pm to see the manager, and they will take my car to be fixed on Monday morning, drop me at work, pick me up again, and give me a voucher for £50 to use next time I come.  So I'm actually not that unhappy with them as they are doing everything to put it right, and I may get a completely unscratched bumper out of it.  I am impressed by the strength of the bumper on my car though.

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oreneta said...

I remember the first time I danced with my moon shadow. Quite magical.

The guys with the car? A video would have been amazing. Twit 1 and Twit 2 indeed. Though they are making it right anyway.