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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Paranoid about colds

We are singing our Christmas concert this coming Sunday and I was in a meeting yesterday with 2 people who had streaming colds.  I am now completely paranoid and hypochondriacal about getting a cold before Sunday.

I have taken First Defense, I have taken vitamin C......

I am crossing my fingers too.

Tomorrow is our Book Club Christmas dinner, which I am looking forward to, though I'm not sure what sort of entertainment this hotel is supposed to be providing, but I suppose I shall find out tomorrow.

We are getting a lot  of changes happening at work because 2 people are retiring from our office at Christmas - one made redundant, the other deciding to go because her job has been radically changed - so we are giving them little goodbye presents at our Christmas lunch next week. We also have two other members of staff who are turning 60 just before and just after Christmas so we are giving them presents too.  I have to go out and buy three of these presents at the weekend.

We are also  buying the tree.

Brian also has to fix the gate which broke in the wind.

Busy weekend ahead

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oreneta said...

Eldest came home to tell us that one of her friends had vomited all over the class and the hallway....We shunned her openly until she had gone and washed things. Urgh

I managed to throw my back out before going on a big long lovely organised walk this weekend that I have been looking forward to for AGES...between this and the flu/stomach bug....

You have my deepest sympathies. Fingers crossed for all of us, or as my boss does, maybe we should light a candle.