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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas preparations

I have been busy this week.  I have written my Christmas cards, I have wrapped the presents that need to be posted, I have made the cake and this evening I have spent an hour or more looking for house insurance.  Comparison insurance hunting is boring, so I have quit for one night.

We did well with all the fund raising at work last week, and between us all selling cakes, dressing up in Panto costumes in the branches, we have raised nearly £930 for Latch.  We were really pleased because it was far more than we expected.  Our cake selling is done by asking for donations, this way we don't get caught by so many hygiene regulations which necessitate kitchen inspections etc.  We give away the cakes and people stick money into the tins.  This is also way more profitable because we couldn't charge as much as people give.  Lots of people put notes in, though the lady who put a cheque for £100 into one tin was unusually generous.

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oreneta said...

You are covered in virtue and making me anxious!!!! I am no where near so prepared, but your baking and tins idea is a good one, Eldest needs to raise money for the end of the year trip.....hmmmmm.