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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Christmas is nearly over, but I have put a picture of the tree on to get a bit more seasonal than a summer photo of the sea.

It has been a slightly odd Christmas as Christmas day was very quiet, Kate and Carl were at his parents, Adam and Nic at work, so B and I didn't do much - actually that isn't true because B had work he has to do by the end of the holidays, so I played with setting up my new Kobo ebook reader.  I am very impressed with it and it is very pleasant to hold and read from, having downloaded a book from the library ebook service.  I also got GHD hair straighteners from the kids which are very nice indeed, plus a necklace, chocs and wine, and some other bits and pieces. 

We have watched Love Actually, and I am now watching the Muppet Christmas Carol so that is two essentials of Xmas fulfilled.  But with everyone going in different directions we have only managed to get together for some meals, so it has been a somewhat disjointed feeling holiday.  Warm and no snow and ice which are a distinct plus!

I'm still off work till 3 Jan which is very relaxing. 

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oreneta said...

I may have to get the Muppet Christmas Carol. I have faint memories of it and I think I adore it. You have also reminded me that maybe it is time to take down the summer photo on my blog as well.....hmmmm, have to see what to do. Quiet isn't a bad christmas, it seems to me.