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Friday, November 4, 2011

Pony in the library

Tomorrow Hannah the pony is going to join Llantwit Major library, and hopefully get some people to join with her.  Nicky is borrowing Hannah from her friend Chloe, and we are keeping our fingers crossed that it doesn't rain.  Cloudy is ok, but wet is not good.

I have more or less got the tv room all done, but there are lots of things that we removed from the tv room which have yet to be moved to another  home so after we have been to the library with the pony, I shall have to sort out the rest of the house.

Next week is busy busy.  I have book/dinner club on Tuesday -  I'm not cooking so can completely relax.  Wednesday I am heading  off to Manchester for a conference about our library computer system which lasts from Weds lunch time to Friday lunchtime.  I am actually looking forwards to this because it is nice to meet up with other people and we also have a good time as well.  There is a quiz one evening which the Celtic contingent (Welsh and Scots) won last year, so we have to see if we can do it again.

On Friday I am heading off to Essex to join the rest of the family at my sister's before going to my niece's wedding on the Saturday, and am really looking forward to seeing everyone.  It will be great!

I will be out of touch for most of the week though, as I'm not taking the laptop with me.

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oreneta said...

Have a lovely time and see you at the end of it! I am quite looking forward to it myself. The last bit that is.