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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Xmas shopping

I, and lots of other people, went shopping in Cardiff today.  I got in early and got out early, for which I am very grateful.

I then did some more shopping in Bridgend, and came home with most of the things I went out for.

I was just drinking a cup of tea when Nic came back and suggested I go with her to walk a friend's dogs.  It was very pleasant having a nice tramp across the fields with the dogs, a whippet and a Sealyham cross terrier called Buster who feels the need to attack wire fences and worry them furiously, which is very funny. 

Nic was staying to redo the bedding for her horse, so I set off home and halfway down the lane saw a horse in the road, standing by a gate.  I reversed back to ask Nic about it, and she came down with me.  The horse was clearly wanting to get into the field and his friend in the stable was calling to him, but the gate was padlocked.  He had jumped the gate to get out, but didn't have a run at it to get back in.  Nic, being strong, lifted the gate off the hinge, ushered the horse back in, and we propped the gate back because we couldn't get it back onto the hinge, but he was clearly glad to be back in his field.

Then I came home for a cup of tea.

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oreneta said...

Yeah on the raise...and to Nic for heaving the fence of the hinges...ooof...

The dog sounds hilarious! I'm starting to get nervous about Xmas shopping...gads.