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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunny gardening day

Friday was an eBook meeting in Aberystwyth, at which I was giving a presentation about the ebook pilot which 14 of the library authorities in Wales are running.  Luckily we had done a power point presentation, which was only supposed to be the introduction prior to the online demo, however the National Library firewall wouldn't let us in, so we didn't get to give the talk with a live demo.  It was a bit annoying as they knew the website well beforehand, so should have tested to see if the firewall would let it in.

However the talk went ok, so I was fairly pleased with the day, and did pick up some useful things from some of the other speakers, especially  how much Libraries Northern Ireland gained from social networking, because they got some very high profile publicity through it.  Worth following up.

Then I drove down to B's as I was closer there than home anyway.  Saturday we hit Haverfordwest to do some Xmas shopping, which was followed by a very lazy afternoon reading the paper and potching round the internet.  Today we were more energetic though and transplanted 3 shrubs which have outgrown their location in the back garden and needed to go somewhere which gave them more room and stopped them overpowering their neighbours.  I say 'we' though B actually did all the digging - I supervised and pulled up weeds.  It has been a beautiful day today, sunny, bright and not too cold. 

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