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Monday, October 31, 2011

Paint pod

A paint pod is a thing Dulux have invented which attaches a tube from the paint to a roller, with a little pump so the paint goes straight into the roller, and it is both much more even, and saves all that bending and stretching.  It is also much neater, as I usually put nearly as much paint on myself as the walls when using a roller but didn't splash at all using the pod thing.  It is only for emulsion, and you have to use a relatively narrow range of Dulux paints, but it was good.


oreneta said...

That's very very cool....I'll have to look out for it. The paint here in Spain is SUPER thick...that has been an adjustment in and of itself. Like painting with pudding almost, so you have to add water, but they don't give you sticks to stir it with, nor do they have those paint shaking machines.

Always a challenge.

katemcnabb said...

Love paint pods, used my friend Sam's to do our whole house in Swindon :)