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Monday, October 17, 2011

All work .....

I haven't been posting because not much has been happening really.

Brian update his website and lost it in transit, so we ended up having teccy conversations over the phone while we tried to sort it out.  Solving computer problems on the phone is much harder than when you have the thing in front of you.  I have a greater appreciation of the people on helplines now than I did before.  We did get it sorted and it is now up again.

Brian has new windows in the cottage now, so I am glad I missed that as it created the usual chaos that building work involves. 

We went out to dinner with friends last Monday and because I had a 3 course meal put in front of me I ate far more than I am used to eating at the moment, and ended up feeling both uncomfortable and guilty.  The on the Wednesday I was hosting our book/dinner club so another 3 course meal, though as I was cooking 2 courses I could control what and how much I ate so didn't feel so bloated afterwards.  Needless to say I didn't lose any weight last week. 

I have started pruning the things in the garden and hope that I correctly pruned the raspberry canes.  I did what the book said but it looked a bit severe.  fingers crossed because I liked having my own raspberries.  Other things I am fairly confident I have pruned correctly, though the lilac bush which has become very overgrown but never had any flowers seems to have heard me say it was going and has now - in October - thrown out a couple of feeble flowers.  It is still going though.

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oreneta said...

Hope the raspberries fare better than the lilacs. The tech guys have manuals in front of them with screens too, not sure you did.