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Monday, April 4, 2011

Life is a rollercoaster

Saturday was lovely, we pottered about, Kate and Carl came over, the kids went to their father's 60th birthday party.  B and I then spent a lovely lovely half hour trying to unblock the drain that the washing machine drains into, because it was overflowing. 

I phoned to make an appointment for the man to come to unbung the drain, and someone came Monday morning.

In the meantime I had a lovely  mother's day.  Carl cooked us all lunch which was great - belly pork, spare ribs, and finished with chocolate cake.  Brian took the rehearsal in choir in the evening which was really good, and something I enjoyed a lot. 

Today has been a downturn on the rollercoaster.  The end of the financial year was last week, and the computer system which runs our library system is not at all flexible when dealing with working from more than one financial year, which is something we need to do, and need to do a lot.  I have been trying to find ways to make the system do what I want it to, but so far have not succeeded.  Curse the $%^&* thing.

Then Adam phoned to say that the drain problem is a bigger problem than I thought.  It is not just blocked.  Instead the builder who came to do the alterations when Mum came to live with us, and who put the utility room into the garage, did a crap job.  The washing machine, for the past 12 or more years, has been emptying into a rain outlet, not into a proper drain. @£$%&*)( again!

So we are now going to have to dig a new drain - this is the royal we as Brian and other men will end up doing the digging. 

I have so far resisted the wine, and luckily don't have any chocolate in the house.


oreneta said...

I am sorry to hear all that. I went searching for Chocolate on Sunday afternoon. Seems virtue has no choice in this place on a Sunday afternoon. Ho hum. Hope the drain doesn't turn into too big a hassle.

katemcnabb said...

Oh dear, sorry to hear about the drain :( xxxx