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Sunday, April 17, 2011

A garden is a lovesome thing....

We have had such a busy weekend.

Saturday Brian went to Cardiff to get a score bound while I did housework (boring).  In the afternoon we went to the garden centre and - as usual - spent way more money than planned on plants.  Then we went to buy a straight pipe connector to replace the one which is leaking very slightly from the washing machine pipe.

In the afternoon we republished Brian's website.  He has been working on this for a while, and we put it onto the server amidst great trepidation.  Would it work properly?  We were overwriting the home page of the existing website so.........

It works.  Great sighs of relief all round.  There are things wrong with it.  Some of the alignments are wrong, one of the colours needs to be changed, and the pick list was about a page long of things to alter and fix.  However it does work, and it has a brilliant thing which allows you to open a pdf of the score and see the programme notes and sample pages of the score. 

Today we did gardening.  I had replaced the non functioning water feature with a flower bed, we have used the compost from the compost bin to fill the hole and planted the plants in it.  We are feeling very organic now.  We chopped down ivy and a dead ceanothus which didn't survive the frost ( I didn't like it much anyway).  It looks fabulous out there now.

Then we lay in the sun. 

I felt guilty after a bit and went and got a Dagger book to read, which I am enjoying.

We are now showered and changed and going out to dinner with friends in half an hour.

What a great weekend!!!!!

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oreneta said...

Sounds LOVELY! Very quiet over here today, the girls in the UK and the man down sick....just Chuck and I wandering around.