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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Busy afternoon

The tv engineer came this afternoon because one of our new tvs isn't working properly.  We have been sent a new remote control but it isn't that, so the man came this afternoon and has taken it away.  As is always the way, the darn thing worked perfectly while he was here, which is why he took it away.

It meant that I had to take the afternoon off work, which I used to attack the front garden.  We have a pampas grass which is getting out of control, so I went for it.  It has lots and lots of dead leaves which made huge piles as I pulled them off.  One of the neighbours said that what you are meant to do is set fire to them to get rid of the dead leaves, so I did set it on fire - with the hose to hand.  However it really started to burn a bit much, and we have had so little rain, that I chickened out and put the fire out.  It looks a bit of a mess now, and I have 5 bags full of leaves etc to go up to the tip.  And a stiff back.

I also went to get a picture taken for my photo driving licence.  I had pictures done on Saturday but I looked like a serial killer they were so awful, so this afternoon after I had finished in the garden, I showered and put the make up on and practiced not smiling while still looking like a human being (and not a serial killer).  Which worked. 

The weather is so lovely at the moment, it is just fantastic.

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oreneta said...

My driver's licence photo? I had just gotten off the boat, I was tanned a deep brown and about as relaxed as you can get. I look like southern white trash who hasn't left the trailer home for months, I am so pale, and whose left cheekbone has been smashed by a frying pan.


The alarming thing is that people look at the photo, then look at me and nod.