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Saturday, November 28, 2009

A week later

The wedding went extremely well, and the only not perfect thing was the flowers as it happens. Here is the table with candles, little champagne bottles with bubbles to blow, gems and pearls scattered on the table, plus of course, wine and great food.
Here is the cake of cheese, which lots of people though was a weird idea, but was brilliant. It had Caerphilly on the bottom, Picos blue in the middle, and a light whipped creamy cheese on top, with heart shaped little bries and black little cheddars. Fantastic. We also had cup cakes - 120 of them, 5 different types, but although I made them all, I neglected to take a picture of them which was a bit daft, and they went well too.
This is what the flowers should have looked like. Brilliant orange lilies. However I have flowers all over the house now which is beautiful.

The speed with which everyday life takes over again is a bit disconcerting. We are getting a new management system for the library where I work, and I am the main project manager. We had our first training day this week so I feel like I am at the top of a slide and about to go whizzing down it. Unfortunately the actual system wasn't online on Thursday so we can't actually do anything on the system until it is, so I hope it works on Monday.

The floods in Cumbria last week were awful, and it is making us very nervous. We were flooded at work last year and were out of the office from September till May while they did all the repairs and a fair amount of building work. The field where the floods spread from last year are looking like a lake at the moment with lots of seagulls swimming around on them, the stream at the other end of the site is full up to the top, the roads have ponds all over the place, the drains are blocked - it is not looking good. We receive all the new stock in our office, so on Friday afternoon we put all the boxes of new books onto desks, tables, chairs etc, in case of flooding. Fingers crossed it won't be wet on Monday. Today has been fine and dry so maybe we will be lucky this time..

Poor Nicky is having car problems. She drove through a big patch of water which went up to the doors yesterday, and today when she set off to go to the christening of the baby of a friend the car started making odd noises. So she turned round to come home, very upset. We hope that if we leave the car to dry out for another day it will be ok. In the meantime I have put her on my insurance and she has headed off to Devon for the christening tomorrow.

The choir is singing at a ecuminical event in Monmouth tomorrow. Fingers crossed that the weather isn't too awful for that too.


oreneta said...

It is astonishing how quickly life moves on...I hope you aren't wading around your office again next week...that would be the pits. Glad the books got put up anyway.

Lovely to see you!!!


Boo and Trev said...

Fingers crossed for the flooding. I am always impressed when a field floods within a day there will be seagulls and ducks swimming around on them. Do you think they do aerial sorties to check out new bodies of water?

Helen said...

They do aerial sorties looking for new or clean cars to poop on, so when they find a nice lake to rest on it just gives them a breather before moving on again