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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Things I love

Chris was writing things she loved - though she gave up as she is in a bad mood - so here are some of mine

- family (of course)
- being thinner
- Strictly come dancing
- Terry Pratchett
-the glass of wine on Friday night to welcome the weekend
- singing, especially when the voice is really working and the top notes soar
- sunshine and warmth
- chocolate
- a nice walk on a nice day with lovely scenery
- reading in bed with a nice cup of tea in the morning
- tea
- clean sheets on the bed after a shower so that I am clean, my hair is clean, the sheets are fresh, it's lovely

These are in no order.

I have also finally decided on my desert island luxury. It has varied for years between tea, paper and pencils or a hot bath. Now I have decided that I want Ray Mears because he would feed me, light fires and build a boat to take us away and back to civilisation.


oreneta said...

Wait a minute, I've got to go look up who Ray Mears is...Yeah...seems he'd be pretty handy.

I may give the list another go...yours made me want to take up singing.

oreneta said...
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Helen said...

Singing would deal with the bad mood too. It is called a 'controlled scream' and is very therapeutic