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Saturday, November 21, 2009


It is 5am on the day of Kate and Carl's wedding, and so far there are a couple of disappointments One of Carl's friends can't get here because of the flooding in Cumbria, where they are under feet of water, and a policeman died yesterday when he was swept off a bridge as it collapsed. Dreadful.

By comparison my disappointment with the flowers is minor, but nevertheless I am really disappointed. We spent£150 on flowers and (apart from the gypsophilia) they are all still tight shut and showing no signs of opening out at all. I am going to give them some warm water and a blast with the hair drier (2 tips found on the internet) when it is a more reasonable hour of the day to see if I can get them to open. Luckily that company couldn't supply the flowers Kate wanted for her bouquet so we got those from a local florist and they are fine. The calla lillies where also supposed to be for the buttonholes but are a bit too big, however the local supermarket had some nice orange roses which look lovely as the buttonholes. But I spent hours yesterday arranging flowers which were all green and all closed - virtual flower arranging!

Imagine what the arrangements will look like when the flowers open!

Why have actual flowers to arrange when all you need are bits of greenery!

What really pisses me off is that I could have done better getting the flowers from Tescos and the greenery from the back garden. At a fraction of the cost. I am really cheesed off.

I think that is why I have been awake since 3.30am, as it is one of those little niggly things which you can't do anything about, but your mind goes over and over in the hopes that it can figure a way out. So irritating.

Hence blogging at this hour of the morning.

However if that is the worst of our mislaid plans it isn't much to worry about.

We had a minor dress hiccup Friday morning because it is satin and wasn't sitting right, so I took the boning out of the bust and took it in about half and inch so it sits better and fits Kate better. So I was up in the bedroom and Carl had to give notice when he was coming upstairs which was amusing.

10 hours to go!

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katemcnabb said...

Oh mum I had no idea you were up at that kind of hour!!! Everything looked wonderful and let's just think that we are now getting the benefit of that £150 (which let's face it isn't that much relatively speaking - could've been 10 times that much!) and we have lots of lovely tiger lillies both in Swindon and Grange Gardens now to help ease the post wedding gloom :)

Also, the calla lily bouquet was one of my absolute most favourite things about the day - have tied my bouquet up with some string to try and dry it so I can save it forever.

Can't tell you how much we appreciate all your hard work - from finding the venue, to twigs to cup cakes to flowers, it was all brilliant and largely of your making. Also you looked young, slim and fabulous on the day so hopefully you will like the photos as well!

Love from both of us
Mr and Mrs Graham xxxx (!!!!)