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Monday, November 9, 2009

Catch up

I haven't written this for a bit because of being busy, but being busy with boring things so have had nothing really to write about.

Last week I was in Swindon for a user group meeting. we are getting a new computer system for the library and I am project manager for it, so I went off to a user group meeting last week. Swindon is where Kate lives, so I stayed with her and Carl instead of the hotel which was very nice. There were large parts of the meeting that made sense, and other parts that didn't we have yet to start using the system, so people discussing details went over my head rather. However meeting people was useful and I made some good contacts. There are 6 other Welsh library authorities using this system, and 4 of them had people there, and there was a tendency for the Welsh to get together, though a break time discussion of Welsh language was pretty exclusive anyway.

It is a small world though. The village where Brian's cottage is is tiny. There are about 30-35 houses. However Sue who was at the user group meeting from Pembrokeshire also lives in that village. I mentioned the village at lunchtime and Sue said - but I live there!! So we discovered a neighbour while in a meeting in Swindon - go figure!

The wedding preparations are all falling into place, although most of the falling is because Kate has pushed them there. Things are ordered, things are in line to do, so with only 12 days left we are counting down.

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