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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tiddly pom

I am a bit tiddly, as we had more than one glass of wine with dinner. We have discussed the pros and cons of religious belief, and moved on to the nature of friendship, and ended up on the economics of horse purchasing.

I am incensed by the fact that the slugs have eaten all the lobelia I have planted, that I have a mouse in the kitchen which has eaten my apron, and that the rats are back in the attic even though I have put down lots of rat poison and it is spring and they should be outside by now.

I have been to see the new Cardiff library which is lovely, and well worth a picture or two, but I forgot to take my camera, so I have no pictures, though if you put it in Google I expect some will come up.

I have finished getting my outfit for my nephew's wedding, though I now have a choice of 4 tops and will need assistance deciding which one to wear.

I have cleared out those clothes which live in your drawer and you cannot wear because they are too small/have a stain on the front/look manky because they are so old.

I am now sitting doing this and watchin QI which I do enjoy.

I have given up on the Morag Joss book I am reading and moved on to another one of the Dagger in the library books because I got bored with the Morag Joss. I have also got the talking book of the last Harry Potter book which I have started listening to in the car and am thoroughly enjoying it. I am getting fixated on Stephen Fry as he does HP talking books, QI, and was also on Bones last week.

This is drivel. Blame the wine.


oreneta said...

Someone will have to give those rats a good talking too...it is HIGH time they go outside and start eating slugs.

Boo and Trev said...

You have started a wildlife sanctuary but not in a good way! There was an article in the paper saying rats are becoming resistant to all the poisons that rat catchers are allowed to use. Apparently there are two towns in Berkshire where the rats are totally poison resistant. Time to invest in a ferret.
We have starlings in our roof, whom we love, long may that last!

Helen said...

what a good idea! Why can't someone develop a slug eating rat!! Boo - tell the Sanger people to get on it right away. Much more useful than the human genome!!