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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dinner not quite as planned

Yesterday was bookclub. This is a group of 6 of us who have been getting together once a month to swap books A couple of years ago the nibbles grew and we became a bookclub who had dinner, taking turns cooking. Last night was my turn, and I had planned what I was going to cook, but...

I got my days mixed up.

I came home, cooked my own meal, then Nicky came home and said 'didn't I have book club?' and I said no. Then I thought - what is the date? Then - oops.

A quick dash to the supermarket got most (but not all) of the ingredients for the starter and main course (someone else does the pudding). So Adam cleaned the kitchen and Nic vacuumed while I was at the supermarket, then Nic laid the table and things while I began cooking. She did the bruscetta (easy option starter) while I did the rest.

It was ok. The salmon should have been done in filo pastry but neither supermarket had any so I had to cook it in baking parchment which doesn't have the same effect. They had no fresh chillies either so I had to use dried and misjudged the amount so the rice was hotter than it should have been, however my audience was understanding and the pud was nice.

Oh well, can't win them all.


oreneta said...

Recipe for the salmon that wasn't?

Boo and Trev said...

Well recovered! That's a bit like a film. Lucky shops hardly close nowadays and lucky Nic acts as your social secretary. I would never do anything like that. I am planning to have a nice relaxing day next Saturday -watching films and reading books, mind you I've got a funny feeling something might be happening then.....

Helen said...

Oreneta - if you go onto Delia Smith's website and put Thai salmon in filo parcels into the search box,it will come up. It's a lovely recipe and really quite quick.

Boo - Surely all you have to do next Saturday is sit back, watch and enjoy! Up to then though you may be running faster than the Red Queen.