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Monday, May 18, 2009

Moving furniture

B and I went down to the cottage in Pembrokeshire, and on Saturday measured up the sitting room to see if we could fit the boudoir piano in. It is 145cm wide and 140 long so we found lots of places to put it, which means that we then moved the sofas and chairs around to see how it would look. The desk was standing in for the piano and did quite a nice job, so we sat in various places seeing how it would be, and really like the new layout, it is very cosy.

B managed to get the grass cut despite the rain, because there was also a strong wind which dried the grass out enough to cut it, though it was a bit blustery out there when he was doing it. However the difference it made was huge, as it transformed the cottage from looking really scruffy to looking very pleasant again.

Our next door neighbour at the cottage was an elderly man called Ray, who unfortunately took poorly around Christmas, and has had to go into a nursing home, so his house has gone up for sale. it is sad, isn't it. His daughter used to live in the village but died a few years ago from cancer, and his son works in Portugal so has been ordering his groceries from Tescos online from there for the last couple of years, but Ray couldn't cope any more on his own, even with help from other neighbours. Unfortunately his son's UK home is in Shropshire so he has had Ray moved nearer there so people can't visit from Llandeloy. It is sad.

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