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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Gift horse and shed

 This is Nicky's gift horse.  His stable name is Ben and he is better qualified than she is for shows.  She took him to the Vale of Glamorgan show and he did very well.
 He makes the jumps look easy - there is a really good picture as Nic's facebook picture at the moment
This is me as assistant shed erector person.  We recently built a shed in B's garden - and here we are in the middle of it.  It is now nearly completed, just waiting for the windows.

We really know how to have fun!!


oreneta said...

Shed's not for the horse I take it, I was wondering for a moment, but doesn't look quite big enough, and not sure B would sign up for all that!

Helen said...

No, Ben would not fit in the shed