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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bank holiday

I came down to Pembs on the train because I didn't fancy the drive on the Bank Holiday weekend.  That was SUCH a good idea.  There was torrential rain which slowed the already slow traffic and the M4 ground to a halt.  I watched it on the news and was so pleased I had not been in that jam.

Today we pottered round St Davids in the morning and had a scary afternoon while I held the ladders and Brian went up on the roof. Even second hand I get scared going up ladders.  However I make very good ballast at the bottom of the ladder. 

I have been very disorganised in August, and must get organised next week to get some of the things on my list done.

I must deliver Caroline's birthday present (I am always late)
I must phone the double glazing man about the blown window in Nic's room
I must phone and get quotes for replacing the guttering not at ground level (ie most of it).

Adam is on holiday in a couple of weeks so could be home to let these people in if I get my act together and get them organised to come to do things.

Must, must must!!!


Boo and Trev said...

You want to see ladder action check out this!

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